I am Ghost

Once upon a time Jean Luc Godard said, ‘All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.’ I wonder, does this apply for a blog. If so, here is your girl:

 and here is your gun:

and here is a girl with a gun:

Now those two vital ingredients have been displayed lets get down to the nitty-gritty inbetween tid bits. Hi, I’m Anyones Ghost – invisible, transparent, everywhere and nowhere. Existing only in this mediated space. Whoring myself out in this liminal zone between the r**l and the unr**l to an audience of apparitions, in this ghost theatre.

Things that go bump in the night, the haunting unseen, the gothic landscapes, the sensation of eyes following you, the unspoken, the whispers, the echoes, the chills, the drafts, the abject, SCRUMPTIOUS. I dig this shit, like a grave digger digs digging the dead. Dig it. I find myself floating between the whimsical and erratic, so bear with. Cathy said ‘I am Heathcliff,’ I say I am ghost.

Yours Invisibly,
Anyones Ghost


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