“Oh Bomber, don’t be forever a creep”

I watched Picnic the other night. I adore this film for several reasons:

  1. The line ‘Oh Bomber, don’t be forever a creep.’
  2. The sultry, seductive way Miss Novak claps her hands.
  3. The enthused way Cliff Robertson says ‘Hal Carter’
  4. The moment William Holden’s shirt gets ripped
  5. The montage of the quirky, odd and oh so americana picnic scenes.
  6. The way William Holden interrupts his speech to say a very simple but endearing  ‘Hi’ to Miss Novak, whose sitting on the swing.
  7. The final ‘break,’ embellished by the music between mother and daughter.
  8. The questions it raises on what it is to be conventionally ‘male’ and ‘female’ in the 1950s.

The sultry, seductive hand clap scene:



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