They Call Her ‘Fire of my Loins’ – Christina Lindberg

I’d say on the Kinsey Scale I am about a 2.1, there are just some females that fire my loins. One of these and my current obsession, is the Swedish born Christina Lindberg – a Penthouse Pet /Exploitation actress/editor & chief of the aviation magazine, Fleygevyn. She has even produced an instructional video on how to prepare mushrooms, I think I am in love. There is just something about her eyes–kitten-esque almond sadness, deliciously lamenting and seductive. See for yourself.

My favourite film of hers would have to be They Call Her One Eye (1973) aka Thriller: A Cruel Picture, in which Lindberg plays Frigga/Madeleine, a mute girl raped as a child, who is forced into prostitution and loses her eye via pimp with cruel intentions. True to the ‘rape-revenge’ genre, she goes on a ‘roaring rampage of revenge’ blasting away those that have wronged her. Speaking of Kill Bill, Lindberg’s character in One Eye, was not only a major influence on the ‘rape-revenge’ plot of the Kill Bill’s, but it influenced the look of The Brides nemesis, Elle Driver.

Lindberg was not only exploited via her body but the producers also took a large life policy out on her because they used ‘live ammunition’ in gunfire scenes and asked her to use saline solution during the drug scenes, talk about Method Acting Plus. This film is my guilty pleasure, for I know I am indulging in the exploitation of the female body but boy do I love watching Christina bare breasted and bearing gun barrels that blast the beastly bastards away.

One of my ‘oh my you’re so dandy right now’ bands Purity Ring, used clips from They Call Her One Eye for their music video to Lofticries. Watch it below.

Yours Invisibly,
Anyones Ghost


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