Above Your Bones

I went to Napier for the weekend. If I go somewhere, first on my ‘to see’ list is the local graveyard. To me graveyards are one of the most beautiful spots on earth. I love the idea I am wandering above people, past and place. When I wander about graveyards I usually have …

I. A Sigur Ros song that I hum, this time it was the exquisitely chilling Varúð, the latest single from their album Valtari.

. The poem Elegy by Carol Ann Duffy in my head.

Elegy – Carol Ann Duffy

Who’ll know then, when they walk by the grave
where your bones will be brittle things – this bone here
that swoops away from your throat, and this,
which perfectly fits the scoop of my palm, and these
which I count with my lips, and your skull,
which blooms on the pillow now, and your fingers,
beautiful in their little rings – that love, which wanders history,
singled you out in your time?

Love loved you best; lit you
with a flame, like talent, under your skin, let you
move through your days and nights, blessed in your flesh,
blood, hair, as though they were lovely garments
you wore to pleasure the air. Who’ll guess, if they read
your stone, or press their thumbs to the scars
of your dates, that were I alive, I would lie on the grass
above your bones till I mirrored your pose, your infinite grace?

and III, this scene from Alfred Hitchcocks Vertigo replaying in my head.

While, these lil’ rituals may remain, each wander through a graveyard is unique. Here are some photos I took at  the Napier Hill Cemetery.

The Caretakers

Sun spots look like spirits

I love Angels

When I first saw this photo, I mistook the sun spot for a spirit.

Yours Invisibly,
Anyones Ghost


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