They don’t have a voice. They cry out but nobody hears. They are denied the secrets behind slammed doors. People use them to get from A to B. They are lonely. Very lonely. So Very Lonely. LONELY.


I am talking about the neglected spaces of this world: the hallways, the doorways, the alleyways, the corridors and the staircases. Those inbetween spaces we momentarily pass through to get to the favoured rooms: the bedroom, the classroom, the lecture theatre and the office. Equality is the key to happiness but how can we ask for equality in society if we don’t create equality for these neglected spaces. Next time you’re passing through the hallway on your way to the dining room: stop, sit down and ask someone to bring you your dinner.  Next time you’re passing through a corridor to a study room: stop, sit down, roll around and take your study notes out. Next time you’re at a house party and your going upstairs to use the bathroom: stop, drop your pants and release, release it all over those stairs. Sure your hosts may be pissed off but the stairs will thank you and next time you’re passing by that dark alleyway at night, go down that alleyway and wallow in the hobo shit and underage spew. I implore you to embrace these neglected spaces because one day they may find their voice and bellow out ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS.’ We don’t want the world to end that way, do we. We would prefer it to end the old fashioned way with fire, brimstone, horses and Rebecca Black’s Friday.

Do it like these cats:


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