I love my sister but sometimes she can have the most frightening scowl. I took these photos of her, inspired by the birth of Pauline Parker’s scowl in the Fourth World.

An excerpt from THE ONES THAT I WORSHIP by Pauline Parker

I worship the power of these lovely two
With that adoring love known to so few.
‘Tis indeed a miracle, one must feel,
That two such heavenly creatures are real.

Both sets of eyes, though different far, hold many mysteries strange.
Impassively they watch the race of man decay and change.
Hatred burning bright in the brown eyes, with enemies for fuel,
Icy scorn glitters in the grey eyes, contemptuous and cruel.

Why are men such fools they will not realize
The wisdom that is hidden behind those strange eyes?
And these wonderful people are you and I.

Pauline Yvonne Parker, 1953. (back of diary)

This is not the last you will hear on the topic of Parker and Hulme. It is one of my obsessions.

Yours Invisibly,
Anyones Ghost


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