ok so what is the deal with Calvin Harris’s collaboration music videos making abusive relationships so appealing. I understand the dude doesn’t direct his own videos but come on. First it was the Skins–esque inspired Rihanna video We Found Love, the moral of which: you’re in an abusive relationship you get to spew rainbows, ah cool. Now it’s Sweet Nothing  feat. Florence Welch, the moral of which: you are in an abusive relationship, you get to rock a sweet black bandage bra, whilst spastically dancin like a banshee in slow mo. In fact these videos have the opposite appeal to intended, they inspire me to search for an abusive relationship just so I can glamorously make the fuck you ‘Great Escape.’ In this day and age, where domestic violence is on the ascent, patriarchy has its invisibility cape on and where Pussy Riot were jailed for yanking at that cape, must popular culture mantle domestic violence and the ‘battered woman’ in shiny lights, slow mo, rainbow spew and indie desaturation. I tsk, tsk thee pop culture, oooo I wonder where Florence got her bra?

Yours invisibly,
Anyones Ghost

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