Down the Rabbit Hole

I have decided to ‘Jump In’ to that Rabbit Hole, that topsy-turvy tunnel following the sublime waft secreted by the Goddess of Unknown. I am meeting the part of me I kept in the hushed peripheries during  Bush’s Reign of Terror, the part of me that ballooned when watching a Lynch film and deflated when I heard that audacious, chauvinistic saying, ‘Greatest Country In The World.’ I am meeting my shadow identity, the half sister I have met occasionally – the ‘A(me)rican’ in me. This is a journey fraught with pangs of longing and fear, a journey oscillating between the internal and the external. A quest of such, to unlock my own Blue Box. I am ready to embrace every curve, bump, echo and weird creature that pops up on route, although perhaps at times I shall feel like moidering those creatures. 123 JUMP IN. Farewell land of the primal bush. Hello, liminal bird of the sky.

Yours Invisibly,
Anyones Ghost


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