“Yesterday I spent the whole day in the studio of a strange painter called Degas. After a great many essays and experiments and trial shots in all directions, he has fallen in love with modern life, and out of all the subjects in modern life he has chosen … ballet-dancers. When you come to think of it, it is not a bad choice.”

[Edmond de Goncourt, 13 February 1874]

Before The Performance

Group of Dancers

I too am obsessed with those heavenly creatures and am titillated when I gaze upon them, looks like I am not the only one …

Fleshy Statuesque


Photo by Cameron Smith (well this is what Google images tells me)

 Some Ballerina/Ballet shit I adore … click on the picture to see a clip.

The Red Shoes [1948], Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
Before Black Swan, this 1948 film explored the dark-side of ballet and obsession.

The Red Shoes

Ballerina-supplemental material for Inland Empire [2006], David Lynch
An eery creature of memories past, spins a 12 minute piece of unease. Unfortunately I cannot find any link.
Inland Empire

An American In Paris [1951], Vincente Minnelli
The prowess of Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron shine in this ballet fantasyscape.
An American In ParisI have been watching this on repeat
An ‘unheimlich’ seashore ballet promo for “Year of the Rabbit,” featuring Sufjan Stevens.

Year of the Rabbit


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