Bland is guillotining the garish, the lush, the Hipstionette in this latest trend, that claims to be an antithesis of trend. It’s a return to that Y2K child, that awkward millennial gamine, who on the brink of impending D-day and puberty just wanted comfort. I remember begging my parents for just a humble hoodie, subdued sneakers and a nondescript pair of jeans in a land before the self-flagellating bind of the skinny jean.

Normcore is a term that has been whispered since the start of this year, and bull-horned into the fashion-sphere by the trend forecasting agency K-Hole, who claim this is a trend that, ‘finds liberation in being nothing special.’ Special K, it looks like you have a challenger.

This trend is dueling the religion of ‘Special’ that has been mass marketed and has reverberated as the doctrine of different. For a time it was like a little devil donning dungarees, docs, disheveled hair and dark-wave vinyl was whispering into our ears,

‘The box is bondage John Doe, don’t live inside it’s totalitarian walls, be edgy, be cool, grow a beard, start caring about the environment, demand locally grown, buy into eco-capitalism; but mainly just grow a beard, the bush face will set you free and you will be special.’

Being Alt started as a form of liberation, an antithesis to the mainstream mall child; however like most trends when swallowed up by the ‘mainstream’ from whence it was trying to escape, there comes a day of reckoning; the day a trend returns to it’s birthplace the place of polar extreme. Hence we have Hipsterdom to Normcore.

So what is this ouroboric trend? Well, you may have seen it sneaking into street fashion blogs, with every human bean suturing the humble sneaker to grungy 90s looks, business suits, high fashion wear etc. A rather Frankenstenian juxtaposition, preached by It girl model Cara Delevingne. Those poor feet maiming heels, how the dust must be settling on their early grave.

Normcore, in biblical plague fashion has been stripping the flair from fashion, offing the opulence of self-expressiveness. If Moschino’s latest collection is an opulent if not garish usurpation of Mc Donald’s, literally wearing the fast food haunt, then Normcore would be what the average Joe would wear to these fast-food haunts. You know the kind of look Grannies and Grandpas have been rocking since they gave up on fashion in the early 90s, the Dad ‘mowing the lawn’ look, it’s Jerry Seinfield chic, it’s American Apparel minus the try-hard trimmings.

Normcore is a striptease, a striptease down to basics. It’s like returning to the ole’ days of high school uniforms. If only I had known the term Normcore then, I could have retaliated to all those hurtful taunts of ‘Smurf,’ with ‘I’m just Normcore.’ Perhaps we are all pondering too hard on Normcore, and in our pondering’s we are erasing the utilitarian comfort of ‘nothing special,’ perhaps like ole’ Paul and John once sang we should just ‘let it be.’


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